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Hi there and thank you for visiting my website. I have created this site to share some of the powerful knowledge, tools and techniques i have used to create tangible and lasting change in my own, my friends & family and my clients lives.

I believe that personal growth and wellbeing can only be obtained by first understanding ourselves better; our thoughts, our feelings and our behaviour. It is only then that we can start to create purposeful change.

Schema’s which lay at the centre of my work, provide a framework for helping anyone understand themselves in a very profound and comprehensive way that conventional methods cannot. 

Once you have identified and understood your schema you will gain a sense of clarity that few people ever achieve. In doing so you will be able to develop a clear and methodical approach to addressing what once felt like somewhat vague and insurmountable challenges.

My goal is to make what was once the realm of trained professionals accessible to everyone by making it easy to understand and intuitive as well as providing expert guidance and support.

A holistic and integrated approach my coaching recognises the importance of mind, brain and body and pulls together a number of strategies to create an effective system of change.

Schema’s allow us all to view ourselves and others in a more balanced and non judgemental way that brings us together at a time when so much in our culture and society separates us. It is for this reason that I believe that identifying, understanding and addressing your schema is both an opportunity and an obligation for all.

I invite, encourage and challenge you to join me and so many others on this incredible journey. Simply fill out the form on this site to receive free videos to get your started. 


Your Sincerly 

Chris Steward

The Schema Coach


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